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Simple process by which all the locks on you cell phone are removed, allowing you to use your phone with different providers.
This allows you to use your phone with almost any carrier worldwide without having to change phones. All you have to do is insert any carriers SIM into your phone. This allows you travel anywhere and avoid roaming fees. You can also switch providers without getting trapped into long contracts.
Once an order has been submitted, a unlock code is generated. This code along with instructions will be sent to the customer through email. All that the customer has to do is follow the instructions and the device will be unlocked.
This is done by providers so that customers will be prevented from using their phones on other carriers.
Unlocking any phone is safe and completely legal. Many of our codes to unlock phones come directly from the manufacturer.
The 15 digit IMEI can be found behind the battery or by typing *#06# from your phone. Another way to find IMEI is going into the phone under “phone information” in options.
We accept payment from any major credit card or PayPal.
Codes in majority cases will be received by the customer almost instantly, in some cases they can take up to 72 hours to deliver.
This will occur if any information is inaccurate. In many cases the IMEI sent is incorrect, which can easily be fixed, just send us an email with order details and the correct IMEI.
It is rare for a code not to unlock a phone. Please ensure the instructions were followed correctly and also review the information that was sent was accurate. If it still does not work please contact us.
Our return policy is 100% money back guarantee on any unlock codes that we provide. Please visit our refund policy page for further information.
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