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How it Works

Step 1

Select your phone

Using the dropdown menu on the homepage select your phone by brand and model. If you model is not there, don’t worry, just contact us. We can get it added for you. Then continue by choosing the country and provider that you are currently using or is unlocked for. Not sure which that is? Not a problem, contact us and we will find out for you. Then select either “get it free” or “buy now”, in order to view your cart. You may also try our alternative methods but they will usually be more expensive and will take more time, leading to the same results.

Step 2

View Your Cart

Once you have verified your phone brand and model complete your order by adding your name and valid email address. Select either “get it free” or “buy it now” and proceed to checkout.

Step 3

Complete The Order

To start searching for an unlock code for your device; we require that the order be complete through TrailPay. Ensure that you check your email inbox/junk, as this email will contain vital order information, including the password to process your code.

Step 4

Login and Process Your Code

Once you have received your code, you will be able to login and process your unlock code. All we require is that you send us your phone’s IMEI number, you can either type *#06# from your phone or check under your battery for this number. When you send the IMEI number you will also be asked to reconfirm your phone model and provider. Please ensure that all this information is correct. If there is any confusion please contact us.

Step 5

Receive and Enter Your Unlock Code

Login into your account using the password given to check the status on your unlock code. Please also check your email inbox as well as junk folder to see if your unlock code has been sent. You will receive a link with instructions that will show how to unlock your phone. You will require no software, unless mentioned for example iPhone require an updated version of iTunes. Once you have entered the code your phone will be permanently unlocked and can be used with any network.

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